"...finding that actually the one I was already using is more useful/comfortable/practical..."

I'm so with you on this !
My handbag gave out on me the other week (shoulder straps broken and the fabric on the inside completely in tatters) and I have been looking for a new one but can't find one which comes even close to what I want or need.

My list of requirements:
* shoulder bag with ability to adjust the straps so I can wear it as a rugsack too (for when I'm walking around, it will save me getting a backache from walking lopsided)
* relatively smart looking but not posh (have to be able to use it to visit customers, but it will still have to suit me too)
* medium size: I want to be able to bring my camara, wallet, sunglasses, siggies, mobile, house and car keys and such, but no much more than that either, so let's not tempt myself by having a massive bag
* 2 inside bags (do you call them that in English ? sleeves ?) one for the essentials, one for the extra's so at least I can find something without having to empty the whole bag first
* one little side pocket on the inside of one of the sleeves for my passport

Is that too much to ask ?

Pff.. been going into all the stores which sell handbags in the little town I live in and no luck so far.

For now, I have resolved to getting my old bag repaired - someone told me of a shoerepairshop where there is supposed to be an true to life old fashioned craftsman, so that is my next stop !