My initial experience with Twitter started and then stopped. I actually ended up deleting my account. I felt too much need to follow all the people I know through conferences, etc. I couldn’t deal with it and didn’t “get” it, so I packed it in.

As someone who struggles to keep up with feeds at all, Twitter has actually become a nice digestible alternative to some of my feeds and/or mailing lists. However, there is an awful lot of noise. Now though, I feel no remorse for stopping following someone.

So, for me at least, Twitter has become modal. I have Twhirl running when I feel I can deal with it, but the rest of the time it’s ignored. It’s also useful for staying connected when at conferences or meets. So, I’m keeping with Twitter for now.

My tweets are also protected because I like my tweets to be more of a friendly “hey” or a passing thought to share with my friends rather than yet another form of publishing myself to the Web.