Oh, we're bothered. Trust me. I know for me it's a *massive* issue, probably so for Andrew as well, but maybe not seen as so "critical" for Dan (but still an issue). It's been a problem for us across the whole sector in Manchester now for about 6 years.

It's a massive problem, and one that I call the "fat white boy club thing" (for which I am the poster child). Girl Geek Dinner was meant to address it in part (and worked), but we're open to ideas.

BarCamp got a good ratio and I know that Leeds gets a good mix, so I know it's possible.

Part of the school initiative that I started trying to get rolling last year was to increase diversity and it's not just about women but other massively under-represented segments as well - talking to other white, middle class, 18-35 men is all well and good, but I think we can do something more interesting.

The problem is, we don't know why people are staying away because we can't talk to them to find out!

Maybe it's one for the list sometime in the next few weeks.