I am aware of all the criticisms that people posted to your article saying this introduction is bad: security, OO orientation, etc. Yes indeed it is bad, as bad as any code written by those critics. Are those security gurus aware their code runs on CPU, GPUs and HDs with a firmware, much of it already compromised, and not even talk about the OS? Do they use a smartphone? Or a credit card? Where are they putting their enfasys on security? In a 1-minute php OO intro? they are basically saying that the burger is not bio to an starved man eating it on the street.
For the OO gurus that blame the procedural view: they are not showing much class by criticizing your intro. Reality is we think procedurally. Presenting OO paradigms is a complete different learning and should be covered in a series of installments. Trying to explain them with an elephpant in a 1-min intro would be as ridiculous as their claims.