My favorite notetaking tool is sadly PC dependent; I love it SO MUCH and can’t seem to find a replacement workflow using alarms, evernote, keep, what have you in Ubuntu or Mac…

It’s Zhorn’s stickies ( Basically it’s lightweight and easy to 1. braindump (including screenshots) 2. organize the braindumps and 3. set notes-as-alarms that then pop up and persistent on top of any window until I dismiss them. In more detail:

– quick, lightweight notetaking (ctl-shift-N and I have a new note)
– impossible-to-ignore notes-as-alarms (ctl-shift-A on a note, and I can set it quickly and easily for a quantity of mins/hrs/days, or for specific date/time…the note’s hidden in a sleeping tab until then. I can set recurring alarms easily for custom time intervals, and the note is rich text)
– hide notes in folders if I don’t want to be looking at them in my desktop
– save notes to rich text files quickly and easily
– toggle notes to be always on top (ctl-t, and I have a text area that’s always in view; I can use it like a mini window for something I don’t want to window-switch for)