OOP Articles on Think Vitamin

I’ve been working on a series of articles for Think Vitamin, the Carsonified blog, about OOP in PHP5. In fact I’m wildly excited about this, partly because I love to write and partly because its such a cool site to write for! The first two installments are now live:

  • Getting Started with OOP PHP5 – which is a very gentle overview of why OOP is such a buzz word, and shows off some very simple examples on how to begin and what the terms mean
  • Getting Started with OOP PHP5: Part 2 – a follow on post showing constructors, static properties and methods, and also looks at how PHP handles objects.

None of it is rocket science but these are important topics often skated over by writers wanting to get to the complicated bits! Hopefully these posts bridge the gap between the very dated introductory PHP content that is still lying around on the web and the tutorials about shiny new stuff that are more typically found elsewhere. The community over on Think Vitamin is great, the comments and retweets have been very constructive and I’m very excited to be involved.


I find I’m writing for a few outlets other than just my blog these days and often want to refer people to that content as well, so I’ve added a “Publications” page, linked from the left hand sidebar. This will keep up with the articles I’m posting elsewhere, interviews, and anything else along those lines, all in one place.