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API Description Pipelines

API Description Pipelines title, in an AI-generated frame of cartoon pipes
Working on API tools, I get to see inside lots of different organisations’ API projects and processes. Every scenario is different, but a common theme is that many companies use a more complicated API description workflow than you see in conference slide decks! Without sharing any one organisation’s secrets, this article shares a rundown of some typical steps that might show up in an API description pipeline. Continue reading

Checking Links in Docs-As-Code Projects

Creating content requires accuracy as well as creativity and the ability to deliver. Working with docs-as-code gives a strong foundation and structure to work within, and means there’s a clear workflow where automation can be added to help us with the easy stuff, such as “do all these links work?”.

I really appreciate having the extra confidence and support of these types of tools, and having implemented them on multiple projects at this point, I thought I’d share my advice for anyone looking to do the same. Continue reading

Reviewdog filter settings with GitHub Actions

Reviewdog is a tool to use with GitHub actions for applying review tools in your CI. I use it with Vale, and it’s really good. One thing that has tripped me up multiple times is that by default, it only applies the checks to the changes in the pull request, not to the whole project. So when you add something like Vale, which is a prose linter, it only checks … the workflow file you just added! I always forget that it works this way, and how to change it, so I’m pasting some examples for future reference. Continue reading

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