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OpenAPI Description using API key and secret

I've been working on a few OpenAPI descriptions of APIs lately, and really enjoying the benefits they bring. In particular the ability to import into Postman as a collection I think is a "killer feature" for APIs looking to get developers up and running quickly. The catch? I found that an API that needs an API key and secret, or a username and password/token, is supposed to be described with multiple security schemes - but this does not play nicely with tools like Postman. Continue reading

The Laravel Synchronous Queue

Using queues for asynchronous processing is one of my favourite tricks for offloading hard work from web servers. When working with Laravel recently I was pleased to find that it supports beanstalkd out of the box. I've got opinions about frameworks with Opinions but I did find one thing I really liked in the way Laravel uses queues: the sync queue option that runs your queue synchronously on your development platform so you can develop and debug your work, then switch the queue platform you use later. Continue reading

The First Thousand Blog Posts

This is the 1000th post on People ask "how do you even do that?" and the short answer is "start in 2006", but the long answer isn't all that long. Continue reading

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