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Keyboard-only Web Browser

I haven't used a pointing device in over a decade, and I get a lot of questions about how I navigate the web using only the keyboard. The short answer is: Vimium and funnily enough, it's a productivity tool rather than an accessibility tool. Curious? Let me show you around! Continue reading

Combine Multiple Field Tags in Go

I work a lot with JSON APIs in my Go projects, so almost every struct has some field tags on it to translate AccountID into account_id and that sort of thing. Then one day I needed to load data from config using mapstructure and it took a few attempts with the search engine to find the syntax I needed, so it's here for next time I need it (or in case you need it too). Continue reading

Adding Tables of Contents to Markdown

Once any document gets over a certain length, a table of contents can be useful. I have a favourite markdown table-of-contents tool but it usually takes me a trip to the search engine to remember what it is! (tl;dr: github-markdown-toc ) Continue reading

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