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Amazon Lambda Deployment Workflow For Alexa Skill

I mentioned in my post about creating a new skill for Alexa that I found the workflow quite clunky. Having tried a bit more and bugged a few people to find out how they hadn't killed anyone trying to develop with a workflow like this, I have some tips to share! Continue reading

cfenv for Easier NodeJS on Cloud Foundry

Now I'm working at IBM I am making extensive use of their Bluemix Platform, which is based on Cloud Foundry. The way that Cloud Foundry is set up is actually very neat, with everything you need contained in JSON structures within environment variables. Parsing out those values can be a pain however, so I thought I'd share the library that's helping me the most with this: cfenv. Continue reading

Using NPM Link to Develop Dependent Projects

Right now I'm working on a javascript project that relies on another module for some of its functionality. I'm making fairly major changes that affect both projects, and since the dependency is pulled in via npm, initially I was committing and pushing to a repo so that npm could pull in the dependency from GitHub - on every update. Well that gets tedious really quickly so I'm now using the npm link command which is pretty handy. I hadn't seen it before so this blog post is basically the cheat sheet I wrote when I started using it... Continue reading

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