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Bind Services to OpenWhisk Packages

When working with serverless actions, often we'll still need to access some sort of service, whether it's object storage, a database, or whatever. Here's a quick overview of how this works for IBM Cloud Functions (plus some gotchas ....) Continue reading

Relative Links with IBM Cloud API Gateway

I work quite a bit with serverless tech, particularly on IBM Cloud since I work there. At the moment I'm building a microservice using web actions. When a user creates data with a POST request, I want to redirect them to the URL of the new thing they created - but for that I need to know the URL that it was accessed with. This is a relatively new feature on API Gateway so here's a quick howto for grabbing that URL in both JavaScript and PHP. Continue reading

React to Database Changes with OpenWhisk Actions

One of the best features of CouchDB is its change feed which allows us to get a feed of the changes happening on our database. It's also possible to have a serverless function (examples are for IBM Cloud Functions but should also work for Apache OpenWhisk) that fires in response to activity on that change feed. I have a database of events that I want to react to when they happen, but the change feed doesn't include the actual document that was added - but you can add one of the built-in functions to a sequence to make that happen. This post will show how to achieve this by wiring up a built-in action to fetch the document with another action of our own that then handles the data. Continue reading

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