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Sphinx front matter and template variables

I'm building a docs-as-code site at work at the moment (you can peek if you like and working with ReStructuredText in this setup is new to me. One thing I really missed was the concept of front matter, which I'm not sure is even official or documented but seems to be reasonably widely supported (I promise to save the rant about markdown for another day). It took me a while to figure this out for Sphinx/rst but now I'm looking at it working, I had better write it down before I forget! Continue reading

Use Database Connection Strings with Laravel 8

I've been doing a lot of database stuff lately, and not much PHP, so when I returned to make my first Laravel project for a while, I had to check the docs to remind myself how some of this works. I noticed that the default approach to database credentials is still to use separate credentials for the host, port, and other variables. I'm using Aiven databases (because I work there and managed databases are great for demo apps as well as real ones!) which supply connection strings, but Laravel supports these too. Continue reading

Hold Attention on the Virtual Stage

How do I ensure that I keep my attendees' attention when I'm presenting virtually?

I don't. Continue reading

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