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Making SDKs a Value-Added Experience

I've been working with SDKs quite a bit this year, simple ones that wrap a bunch of API endpoints. The best bits of these SDKs isn't just the delightful developer experience of using the clunky endpoints with the elegant SDK wrapping them. I mean, it is, but I already wrote about consistent and Delightful SDKs for Nordic APIs; today I want to cover the some of the "extra" things that make a big difference in the APIs. Continue reading

DevContainers, VSCode and GitHub Codespaces

I've seen quite a bit of chatter later about the GitHub Codespaces feature lately, and I have beta access to it so I thought I'd share my first impressions and make some notes of what I've tried that might be useful to others. Continue reading

Ubuntu Command for Mic Mute with Pulsemixer

One of the major problems I run into with video conferencing tools is how many of them are not at all accessible. I'm a keyboard-only user so if I need to hover a pointer in a particular area of the screen and then click an icon to mute ... then I can't do that. And if you mute me when I join because there are a lot of people here, then I can't participate at all. To work around this, I need a one-liner to mute (and unmute) my mic ... so here it is. Continue reading

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