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Define Navigation Structure in a Sphinx Project

As a newcomer to Sphinx, I found many things confusing, but the table of contents or "toc" configuration was the thing that almost made me change my mind and pick a different platform! I now have a setup that works pretty well, using Sphinx External TOC, so I thought I'd share my setup. Continue reading

Considering Developer Relations as a Career Move

I think that Developer Relations is a fabulous career, and I'm often asked how I got started, or how someone else could get started. There are a lot of people hiring for Developer Relations roles just now (including me!) so here are my tips.

There are so many different Developer Relations roles (called "DevRel") that I am definitely going to fall short of covering them all in any sort of detail! My own background is in Software Engineering, and I've mostly worked as a Developer Advocate since making the move into DevRel, so that's my context here. Continue reading

Best Things About Developer Advocacy

There are some excellent articles around about what a Developer Advocate does, but have you ever wondered WHY we do what we do? I tried to articulate this when chatting with another developer lately, and I'm still thinking about it! So I thought I'd write it down to share a little more widely why I love this strange, misshapen career as much as I do. Continue reading

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