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Vim settings for working with YAML

Having managed to avoid YAML until quite recently, my vim installation wasn't well set up at all for working with it. It needs more config settings than plugins, so I thought I'd write down what I found helpful. I'm using it quite a lot now I'm working with OAS (used to be Swagger) API definitions. Continue reading

Using Config Files with Ngrok

I'm a huge fan of Ngrok, a tool to create a secure tunnel to your laptop. It is brilliant for testing, well, anything running locally really. Someone asked me about my setup recently and I'm using a couple of config files to keep things quick and consistent, so I thought I'd share here what I shared with them.

You can use a central config file for ngrok, and/or specific config files for each project. I use both, so I'll show you around my setup. Continue reading

Kitchen Island Project

We built our first "big" project (well, since the play kitchen a few years ago) since moving to this house nearly a year ago: a new kitchen island! I used to blog a lot about the house and crafts and things, then I got better known for code things and got stagefright and stopped ... but I love this stuff and I'll blog it if I want to :)

One Home Made Kitchen Island Continue reading

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