API Resilience Podcast

API Resilience, July 2020
Had a lovely chat with the Provonix people about APIs, OpenAPI, low code, and a bunch of other things. Hanging out, solving the problems of the world! If you like an hour of audio, this is for you [https://anchor.fm/api-resilience/episodes/The-evolving-role-of-developer-advocacy-w-Lorna-Jane-Mitchell-Vonage-ehd23u/a-a2qkcpa](https://anchor.fm/api-resilience/episodes/The-evolving-role-of-developer-advocacy-w-Lorna-Jane-Mitchell-Vonage-ehd23u/a-a2qkcpa)

PHP, Guzzle, HTTP and SDKs

Leeds PHP, May 2020
It was a little strange to be remote from my local user group but really nice to see some familiar faces in the chat of this online meetup!


Getting Technical

I'm a guest on episode 5 of the FourKitchens "The Future of Content" Podcast!

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