SQL, NoSQL and Beyond

PHP Yorkshire, April 2018

This talk for my most-local PHP conference and one I've been involved with since the start: SQL, NoSQL and Beyond. The talk walks through some of my favourite features of PostgreSQL, CouchDB and Redis, and talks about how each one would fit into your stack.


Build A Serverless Data Pipeline

CloudConf 2018

I'm giving this a couple of times in April: this version is from CloudConf 2018 in Turin where a great crowd asked some really good questions after my talk.


Road Trip Through Database Country

GrumpyConf, March 2018

I gave this talk at the excellent GrumpyConf in/near Toronto, giving an overview of the various different types of databases and some advice on when they're useful.


Working With Webhooks

PHP UK, February 2018

Gave this talk to a packed room at the one and only PHP UK conference. Webhooks are such a simple idea and I hope that I enabled a bunch more developers to use them in their own applications. comments:


Three Great Serverless Use Cases

IBM Watson Data Lab, January 2018 - I keep using these same examples in my talks and in conversation, so I thought I should write them down somewhere.