Open Source DocOps

FOSDEM, February 2024
Doing Ops on Docs projects using open source tools: my talk from the Tool the Docs room at FOSDEM. This was such a great crowd, but the room was packed and the people outside were sending photos of the queues!! Docs really is a hot topic, everyone :)

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Intro to OpenAPI

FOSDEM, February 2024
There was an APIs track at FOSDEM this year, and I was delighted to open proceedings with an OpenAPI talk. The room was FULL so I hope we get to do it again some time!!

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Redocly and OpenAPI

APIs You Won't Hate, January 2024
First time as a guest on the APIs you won’t hate podcast, chatting with Phil Sturgeon about what’s going on at Redocly, what’s happening in OpenAPI, and what’s coming up in the next release of OpenAPI, codenamed moonwalk.

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Repeatably Better APIs

Treblle Hacktoberfest, October 2023
Part of a wider Hacktoberfest video event, this session is a hands-on view of how to make your APIs better, even as they evolve.