Introduction to OpenAPI

GOTO Copenhagen, November 2019
At GOTO Copenhagen, my crowd was full of various luminaries from all sorts of different tech communities. I really loved showing off OpenAPI, how to create your API description and what you can do with it when you have!

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Working With Webhooks

PHP Barcelona, November 2019
One of my favourite topics especially for PHP developers! Webhooks are amazing and they are easy when you know how. I loved going to Barcelona to share my tips and tricks with an excellent crowd (slides and video on notist):

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GitHub is Your Landing Page

APItheDocs, October 2019
I know you worked hard on your documentation landing page but developers didn't get the memo and will land all over your published GitHub Repos, looking for all sorts of things. This talk gives you some pointers on how to help and welcome them when they do that! (slides and video)

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