Working With Webhooks

PHP UK, February 2018

Gave this talk to a packed room at the one and only PHP UK conference. Webhooks are such a simple idea and I hope that I enabled a bunch more developers to use them in their own applications. comments:


Three Great Serverless Use Cases

IBM Watson Data Lab, January 2018 - I keep using these same examples in my talks and in conversation, so I thought I should write them down somewhere.


Building A Serverless Data Pipeline

IBM Watson Data Lab, November 2017

This time: the blog edition! I hope this is a bit easier to read than perhaps watching a talk video or something.


OfflineFirst Apps with PouchDB and CouchDB

Frontend North

I've been really enjoying the growth of PWAs and was very pleased to be a speaker at Frontend North in Sheffield. A great crowd and a local event for me :)


The Future of Functions

CodeMotion Milan, November 2017

This is me taking my first IBM-sponsored keynote slot! CodeMotion Milan was a lovely place to start and I talked about how serverless technology is brilliant and builds on a very familiar technology feature: functions. As usual for the more high-level talks, the slides don't make much sense without the talk, but there are some resources at the end: