DevRel Weekly

DevRel Weekly, August 2018
While it's usual carer is away, I took over this week's edition of DevRel Weekly. You can read it here

Content is Key: Community Pulse

Community Pulse, August 2018
This week I was lucky enough to record the "Content is Key" episode on the Community Pulse podcast. You can get the recording here

Create PDFs from Markup with rst2pdf

OggCamp, August 2018
Rather a small slidedeck that I used to support my remarks at [OggCamp]( - related to one of my favourite open source projects [`rst2pdf`](


Serverless Microservices are the New Black

Apache EU Roadshow, June 2018
A working but simple example of a serverless microservice, with GitHub repo

Slides here:


Serverless Computing with Apache Openwhisk

Apache EU Roadshow, June, 2018
Small introduction to OpenWhisk, the project and the tool.

Presentation is here (sorry, no embedding today)