Delightful SDKs with OpenAPI

API Specifications Conf, September 2020
I love SDKs and APIs, so it was wonderful to spend some time with a crowd that feels the same way and geek out over my favourite API things. This talk brings together my work over the last few years improving the API documentation and SDK space at Vonage, and it was fun to work on!

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API Resilience Podcast

API Resilience, July 2020
Had a lovely chat with the Provonix people about APIs, OpenAPI, low code, and a bunch of other things. Hanging out, solving the problems of the world! If you like an hour of audio, this is for you [](

PHP, Guzzle, HTTP and SDKs

Leeds PHP, May 2020
It was a little strange to be remote from my local user group but really nice to see some familiar faces in the chat of this online meetup!