Text Markup to PDF with rst2pdf

I'm an accidental maintainer of a python project: it's rst2pdf which is a brilliant tool that I use for all my slide decks and other documents.


Intro to OpenAPI Spec

Describing your API opens the door to wonder and magic - and documentation of course. This talk is from the Tool the Docs room at FOSDEM.


Voices of the Elephpant: SunshinePHP 2019

Voices of the Elephpant, November 2018
A lovely chance to chat with the one and only Cal Evans on the Voices of the Elephpant podcast about the upcoming SunshinePHP conference.

Sending SMS from PHP with Failover

Nexmo Blog, October 2018
Nexmo has some new messaging APIs and I created a tutorial to show you how to use them from PHP using Guzzle (we don't have library support for it yet, it's so new!):