Serverless Microservices are the New Black

Apache EU Roadshow, June 2018
A working but simple example of a serverless microservice, with GitHub repo

Slides here:


Serverless Computing with Apache Openwhisk

Apache EU Roadshow, June, 2018
Small introduction to OpenWhisk, the project and the tool.

Presentation is here (sorry, no embedding today)


SQL, NoSQL and Beyond

PHP Yorkshire, April 2018
This talk for my most-local PHP conference and one I've been involved with since the start: SQL, NoSQL and Beyond. The talk walks through some of my favourite features of PostgreSQL, CouchDB and Redis, and talks about how each one would fit into your stack.


Build A Serverless Data Pipeline

CloudConf 2018
I'm giving this a couple of times in April: this version is from CloudConf 2018 in Turin where a great crowd asked some really good questions after my talk.


Road Trip Through Database Country

GrumpyConf, March 2018
I gave this talk at the excellent GrumpyConf in/near Toronto, giving an overview of the various different types of databases and some advice on when they're useful.