Beyond MySQL

CodeMotion Berlin, October 2016

A talk I gave at CodeMotion in Berlin, covering some databases other than MySQL (spoiler: Postgres, Redis and CouchDB)

There is also a podcast of the presentation audio https://voicerepublic.com/talks/beyond-mysql


Design Patterns For Git

Leeds Devops, October 2016

My local user group were kindly my qualified technical audience for rehearsing this talk before Velocity in Amsterdam.


Queues with RabbitMQ

PHPNW , October 2016

Queues will be needed in many modern applications, so this session aimed to equip PHP developers to work with this type of tool


Tutorial: The World Beyond MySQL

PHPNW , September 2016

Slides from my workshop at PHP North West

Supporting repo: https://github.com/lornajane/beyond-mysql-tutorial/wiki