Conference Finance

Planning an event of any kind? Let me share with you what I have learned so far about how the numbers for these things actually work and how to understand the “what to charge” vs “how many people” balance.
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Tips for Event Hosting: Content, Feedback and Socials

This is the final post in a short series about hosting events, based purely on my own experience and no specific expertise, in the hope that they will be useful to others doing similar things. If you are interested, you can read the first two posts, about preparing for the event and what to do on the day. This post is about some of the additional things about an event; sharing the content afterwards, getting feedback from attendees, and the most important bit – the social event.
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Tips for Event Hosting: On The Day

This post is the second in a series of three about organising and hosting events. If you’re interested, you could also read the first post about event preparation.

As an organiser you should know exactly where you are going on the day and what you need. Namebadges (sticky labels and pen if nothing else) will be needed at registration, if you have tickets and need to tick people off then rope in lots of volunteers (it sounds like a lot but 3-5% of your total attendee count is ideal) and brief them, and spread out across as much space as you have so you can parallelise as much as possible – registration is always chaos because of course everyone shows up at once and causes a backlog! Continue reading

Tips for Event Hosting: Preparation

I’ve been to a lot of events, mostly technical, software-related ones, and I’ve also helped organise a few as well. For people organising events for the first time there are definitely some pitfalls that might not be obvious until you actually, well, until you fall into them! I thought I’d capture my experiences into a series of blog posts, in case they can help any future organisers to avoid some of the traps. First up: what to do before your event starts.

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