Wireshark Capture on Remote Server

The joind.in project uses a really nice vagrant setup for its dev platform – which is much needed these days as we move away from a single LAMP stack install to a website plus another website, which talks to an API and caches in redis and deploys with …. you get the picture :) This is great but having everything on the VM can make it a bit trickier to debug what’s going on – and with a website that talks to an API that talks to MySQL, that all lives on a VM with port forwards, you can see the problem :)

To get an insight into the traffic going around the place, I’ve been using Wireshark and it’s ability to capture remotely, it’s really simple so I thought I’d write down my “recipe” on how to do this in case it’s useful. Continue reading

svn+ssh with specific identity file

Here is a quick howto on using a config file to associate an SSH connection with a particular identity file. When I ssh directly from the command line, I can specify the port, identity file to use, and a whole raft of other options. However these options aren’t available when checking out from subversion using svn+ssh, and I needed to specify a particular private key to use. These instructions are for my kubuntu 9.10 installation but should work on every flavour of *nix as far as I know.

I was trying to check out using something like this:

svn co svn+ssh://[email protected]/desired/path

To do this, I created this file: ~/.ssh/config and in it I put the following:

host lornajane
HostName svn.example.com
IdentifyFile /path/to/private_key

Now I update my checkout syntax to make use of my alias rather than specifying the host directly, like this:

svn co svn+ssh://lorna@lornajane/desired/path

SSH realises that it should pull the host information from your local config file, and uses your HostName, IdentityFile and any other settings you specify (there are many options, see this reference for more information. For example I often use this for port numbers if I’m tunnelling my SSH between places, the possibilities are endless.

Hope this helps, if you’ve got anything to add then I’d be delighted to see a comment from you.