What to Expect from PHP 7

CodeMotion, March 2016

Delighted to be in Italy again, my first time at a CodeMotion conference bringing the news from the world of PHP!


What To Expect From PHP 7

PHPUK, February 2016

Delighted to be on stage at the one and only PHPUK again this year, and even more pleased to be talking about the biggest news in PHP: PHP 7.

Speakerdeck seems to have eaten my images so you can get the PDF here: php7.pdf

There is video:


Growing Open Source Communities

php[world], November 2015

This was my keynote at php[world], talking about my own open source experiences and what I wished I had known. I usually don't keynote and this was heart-stopping but a great event and a great audience even though it was early in the morning! I think they recorded it so I'll link the video when I see it, I can't share slides as I didn't have any; just me telling a story.



Advanced Git Adventures

php[world], November 2015

This might be my favourite talk format of the year. "Choose your own adventure" with git demos for each twist and turn the audience chooses! This was a particularly adventurous adventure as we managed to get to bisect before we talked about branching but great audience and also some good questions, thanks people :)

No slides because it was demo, but you can check out the feedback link:


ChatOps With Hubot

VelocityConf, October 2015

My first VelocityConf presentation but ChatOps was just the thing for a Friday afternoon!