Get Your Patch Accepted

froscon, August 2015

I had the pleasure of returning to froscon this summer and was delighted to have the opportunity to speak in the main track there. This talk builds on my dual experience as an open source project maintainer and also a technical team lead, talking about how to offer awesome patches and how to evaluate whether a patch is, indeed, awesome.

There is also a video:


What to Expect from PHP 7

PHPEM, August 2015

A visit to the excellent PHP East Midlands user group in Leicester for the first outing of this PHP 7 talk. It's aimed at the userland developer/user rather than the core contributor, talking about how the new features will affect our development practices and what to expect when upgrading (spoiler: upgrade is entirely achievable for most PHP apps).


Advanced Adventures in Git

PHP South Coast, July 2015

This was the inaugural PHP South Coast conference and I hope it was the first of many, it was extremely well done with a great crowd and great lineup. The even let me speak and I had the last slot of the day on the main stage with my "choose your own adventure" style git talk. It was all demo (I can only imagine that a barely-working spacebar made that even more slick) so I'm afraid there are no slides, but there are rumours of a video so I will add that here when it is published.


Your Open Source Journey

Dynamic Languages Conference, June 2015

Slides (minimal ones, sorry) from my keynote at the Dynamic Languages Conference


Choose the Right Git Branching Strategy

Net Magazine, April 2015

net_z1_z1(3) (1)Writing for netmag is always fun, and this time was no exception. I often work with teams of various disciplines to identify and implement the right branching strategy for them so it was good to generalise some of those ideas and share. Also: netmag is gorgeous and it's so much fun to be in physical print! I even showed my parents :)

This was edition 267, June 2015.