Another weekend, another netball match

Well its been a busy couple of weeks on the netball front, we’ve had friendly matches against a variety of teams midweek which have been fun, and since last week was half-term we have “club night” at training where everyone from all the teams plays at the same time, just taking turns playing games.

I always enjoy open club night; usually I’m playing for the first team so it can be pressurised at matches and we’re quite serious about training sessions too. The other teams in the club are more recreational – people do it because they get along with the other women, its fun and its exercise. Club night means I remember that netball is supposed to be fun!

Last weekend the second team were struggling for players as they’ve got a few out with injury at the moment – they’ve been quite unlucky – so I filled in. I played three quarters of the game (which they won – yay!) and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The only downside really was that I ended up covered in scratches as my opponent seemed to manage to avoid the umpires doing the nail check before the game. Scratches are one thing and they’re nearly mended but I’ve got a gouge missing out of the back of my hand – right across a knuckle – which is going to take ages to heal as every time I clench my fist I pop the wound open again – ick.

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