Cold Crisp Cotswolds

At the weekend I did a bit of a trip across the country as I was going to a party in Warwickshire (complete with ballgown and tiara – photos later if anyone sends me some). I popped down to Witney in Oxfordshire to catch up with some old friends as we lived there until about a year ago.

The weather was lovely, clear and cold but sunny, and it shows off the countryside in that area to its best advantage I think. The cotswold stone is sandy but somehow does look better in the frost so I think I was pretty lucky with that. As I was spending my last few weeks in that area of the world (we had a house near Burford), there were days of still, foggy weather where the frost seemed to condense onto the tree branches and hang there – very spooky and atmostpheric – and the conditions on Saturday reminded me of it.

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