Hush Puppies Hysteria

I warn you now that this article is entirely about shoes.

I love Hush Puppies. I have several pairs of them and they’ve all been fabulous! They’re pretty, practical (ish, the soles weren’t made for steep streets!), and very very comfortable.

In the last couple of years I’ve bought:

  • flip flops
  • flat office shoes with velcro strap
  • knee high boots (wedge heeled; tall and beautiful)
  • high-heeled court shoes
  • more smart middle-height heeled shoes
  • this season’s version of the flat velcro strap shoes, as mine are about to disintegrate
  • ankle-high boots

The last two I bought yesterday and today, and its starting to look like a bit of an obsession – every pair is also black! I don’t collect them or anything, I genuinely wear every pair at various times and weathers.

Am I taking this too far? Does anyone else behave in this way or have I gone mad?

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