PuTTY from command-line

Following my brush with RSI, I’ve become very mouse-averse, which is difficult on a windows computer! There are a couple of shortcuts that I use to launch programs, mostly revolving around use of the Start->Run dialog (press Windows and R and it just pops up).

PuTTY can have saved sessions which is very useful – for example I use a different coloured background for the production server at work, so I remember which window it is and don’t type into the wrong one. To launch a saved session from the command line (or Run dialog box), use:

<path to putty.exe> -load <saved session

I have to look this up every time I need to change my machine or set this up somewhere else, so its here for safekeeping!

2 thoughts on “PuTTY from command-line

  1. How cool, I just wanted to set this up on another machine so I popped in here to get the instructions. What really makes me laugh is that my months-ago-self knew I would forget and have to look it up :)

  2. Thanks, that’s handy – I had the same requirements as you (different colour sets for different resources to make them more readily identified), and couldn’t find this in the doc.

    Far less clicking and menu navigation, much easier


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