Rotten Survey Results

I knew things were going too well, I really did.

The valuation survey has come back. Its a pretty slim document (3 pages) with tickboxes to say how many bedrooms the house has and whether its made of brick. However, there is one paragraph of text and it says that the beams in the floor under the bathroom and adjoining back bedroom are rotting and that their recommendation is that this be rectified before the mortgage is secured on the property. Eeek!

We’ve ordered a full structural survey as well so we’re waiting for that to appear and hopefully that will give us more of a clue about what we are up against, but I’m not sure we’re allowed to go pulling up floors or ripping out bathroom fixings in a house that isn’t ours so I don’t see how we can even find out what its going to cost until after we’ve completed. Hopefully someone will tell us what to do next.

The one redeeming point is that the bank have written to say they are satisfied with the valuation and that we can have the mortgage. The letter also says that they “draw our attention” to the section which says the ceiling might not survive, which amused me :)

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