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It struck me the other day that I hardly ever write about netball here, which is odd if you think about how much time I spend playing it! So here’s an update on the season so far.

I’m playing in the Northern League (in England) for Shipley Netball Club. There’s been lots of changes to the competition structure in England and to be frank things still seem to be shaking down into place! This season also sees the introduction of a new kit at the club – little purple dresses with very little matching shorts. Its best described as “ickle” and leaves me feeling like a porn star as I de-fuzz and fake-tan for each outing! Its short, sleeveless and I definitely wouldn’t have chosen it myself, but I’m sure we look great.

I’m now playing for the first team and I’ve had a slow start to the season, only getting on court for three quarters [1] out of four matches so far – but watch this space and who knows how things will progress :)

The same team is playing in some other leagues as well and hopefully I’ll see more action in these. I played a whole match in our first Challenge Cup fixture and really enjoyed the game – although we got drawn against Linden (who are one of the best teams in the country) and predictably got walked on. We’ll also be playing in a Yorkshire and Humberside league but I haven’t got full details of that yet.

1 Netball is usually played as four quarters of fifteen minutes each.

4 thoughts on “Sporting Update

  1. Purrrrple, eh? I wants to see a photo of this new kit, because the colour tells me I want it, but the description tells me I’d never wear it…

    BTW, the blanket currently looks like a belt and is going well…:)

  2. I’m not at all sure photos are a good idea – don’t want anyone coming to the site for the wrong reasons after all :)

    Well done with the blanket, I expect another installment of photos soon ….

  3. You should see the search terms people use when they find my site! I’ve had to edit certain posts because they’ve become rather popular for the wrong reasons…

    As for photos, yes ma’am! I’m beginning to really enjoy making this blanket now it’s actually starting to look a bit more like one…:D

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