Textile Knowledge Nuggets

I’ve run into some problems formatting an article about markup, which I was writing in textpattern, which uses markup …. you can see where this is going. Well I learned some new tricks!

escaping from textile

To prevent a block from being processed, just use double equals signs around what you are interested in (don’t know how to show you an example without breaking stuff so I won’t try!)

This is much better than the results from ... or bc. where your code can still get processed.

to make a block style persist

When using a block quote to show lots of lines of code, or verses of a song, use a double dot, like this:


Then everything else you write

Even if it has line breaks

Will carry on being in that style until you start a new style


such as a paragraph

Many thanks to AllPhilosophy for these! http://allphilosophy.com/home/guide/rich

One thought on “Textile Knowledge Nuggets

  1. I’ve been trying to get multiple paragraphs inside blockquotes with Textile for ages, but this nugget of info still doesn’t work for me. :(

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