TikiWiki and Oracle

Well, TikiWiki claims to support Oracle … great! So I’ll install it, and try it.

(insert comedy failure noise here)

The installation doesn’t work! Mostly because you can only name oracle things with names of less than thirty characters in length, and this product doesn’t respect that when installing on Oracle, so action is needed.

Here’s the file of corrected statements I ran to get all the tables created successfully and also reinstate triggers and indexes that failed (I’m not promising its perfect). Where I needed to modify a correlating php page, that’s documented as well. I hope this helps someone in the future – me, next time I need to do this, perhaps?


2 thoughts on “TikiWiki and Oracle

  1. Have you tried PhpWiki? It seems to be easier to install with Oracle. You just need to remember to set WIKIDB_NOCACHE_MARKUP = true and ACCESS_LOG_SQL = 0

  2. Hey Hootbah – that’s a good point, PhpWiki is the obvious choice, and its a product I’ve enjoyed using elsewhere. However I tried to install it with MySQL about six months ago and after about a week of struggling and swearing, I installed MediaWiki instead and never went back. I don’t recall what my exact problem was, but the installation was problematic and once I looked at the code to see what was going on, I got a funny taste in my mouth and it all went downhill from there. I’ll try it again some time, but not until I’m a bit further away from the memory of that bad experience.

    I should also add that TikiWiki was a bit “groupware” for my purposes and I in fact implemented DokuWiki in the end for this project. It works like a dream :)

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