My 2006

Well, here we are, 2007 and another year has gone. I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions (I do have a problem with winter blues so January is a rubbish time for that type of thing for me), but there is always a touch of nostalgia when Big Ben strikes. Here’s my year in brief:

Being unemployed

In January I mostly worked my notice period at my previous workplace, having resigned two days before Christmas more or less on a whim. My boyfriend and I did some maths and figured we’d be much better off if I gave up my job, and our home in Oxfordshire, and I sat in his bedsit unemployed – so I did. It was very hard to leave the good friends I made while working there, so hard in fact that I refused to have a leaving do at all in case I cried (which I did, lots, but not until I was in the car on the way home on the last day – thanks Nic!). I did manage to arrange a trip to the other office in Glasgow as well, to hand over some bits and pieces, and had a fantastic night out with the people there, thanks guys :)

My parents were out of the country in January (a month in New Zealand, lucky things!) so, ably abetted by my sister, I took the opportunity to squirrel everything away at their house. They have been laid back about it but actually I think they just haven’t looked in the loft lately … or the garage, or the shed, or my bedroom!

All Change

Once I then got to Leeds, our new location of choice, I had a job to find. I had lots of interviews and a couple of offers straight away so that was good. We also moved house again, across the city, although since all my stuff is at my parents’ home it was quite straightforward. I do recommend moving without furniture! I started my new job which was quite daunting as I do struggle with new places, and met my new netball team which was fab.

Disaster strikes

I fell over at netball and trashed an ankle in the third minute of my second netball match for Shipley which left me hobbling for quite a long time. In fact, I didn’t drive for five weeks and was off the netball court for a lot longer. Its stronger now, but still not right. Apparently I damaged the ligaments and they will take a while to sort themselves out.

Summer Holidays

We didn’t get a holiday really, although we went camping with friends twice (Cromer in Norfolk and then somewhere in darkest Derbyshire). I don’t mind camping at all, my parents first took me camping at 4 months old (apparently!) and I was a girl guide too so its no hardship providing you are quite organised about it. That said, I did forget both the kettle and the matches this time … oops!

Relocation … or not

The house saga really took up the back end of the year, along with a few parties and an awful lot of netball, and here we are again in January. I feel a very long way from where I was this time last year … putting everything in boxes and thinking that in a few months I’d be unpacking them again. Well those boxes are up mum’s loft still and we’‘re no closer to knowing where or when we’ll unpack them. I’ll probably have completely forgotten what we have, or replaced the things I thought I could manage without and then couldn’t!

Still, who knows what the future holds … my New Years Resolution is to keep facing forwards – what’s yours?

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