An Unsuitable Choice

Well, following on from the earlier episodes in the house hunting saga we have been pretty quiet on that front recently. Partly because we’re a bit twice bitten, lots of times shy. Partly because the houses in Leeds in the areas we’re looking at are all pretty similar and we’ve kind of seen enough.

So when I picked out a victorian semi-detached in a rough area of Leeds (Beeston, I do know it isn’t all rough!), which has four bedrooms, is set over four floors, has no heating and is rather out of the price range, you’d think we’d just leave it … right? Right???

We’ve been to see it twice, we really like it, and the estate agents are negotiating on our behalf (don’t worry, I do know whose side they are on and it isn’t mine) with the vendor who apparently doesn’t need the money and isn’t going to drop his asking price! Are we mad or what?

3 thoughts on “An Unsuitable Choice

  1. Well not exactly no heating … some of the rooms have gas fires and I’m assured that the other fireplaces will work if we have the chimneys swept. That’ll be me up three flights of stairs with the coal then.

    Thanks for the reassurance though ;)

  2. This doesn’t seem like a valid reason for accepting only full asking price. If the vendor genuinely doesn’t need the money, perhaps they could just let you have the property for “nowt”.

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