Ding! Dong! The doorbell’s … gone

So we’ve just moved into our new house – its quite large and the mobile signal is quite poor. We’ve got a wireless doorbell and can take the chime around the house with us which is very useful. We had not got round to screwing it to the wall yet so for the last few days its been hanging off the front door handle.

Yesterday, the doorbell rang and when I went to the door, the doorbell had been stolen!! Someone had walked off with it and was ringing it. That’s a really great welcome to a new neighbourhood, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “Ding! Dong! The doorbell’s … gone

  1. The B@stards! Quite a cunning way of winding someone up I guess – I’ll have to try and remember that….

    Good to hear that you managed to get somewhere and get in at last – and now for fun unpacking loads of boxes!!

    Speak soon,


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