Frankfurt Visit: First Impressions

I’m in Germany for a few days at the IPC and since we had some time spare I’ve been exploring!

First of all, we took trip into Frankfurt itself yesterday. The queue for the ticket office was wildly long but some people who had a weekend travel pass and had returned to the airport to catch a flight gave us their train tickets which was really lucky (and nice of them).

Once in Frankfurt I put my card in the cash machine to get some money out – we decided it would be better to take money out on demand rather than changing it before we travelled. I had a bit of a deja vu moment when I put in my card and out came strange-looking money … its just like going to Scotland really :)

We were quite lucky as apparently Frankfurt is usually completely closed on a Sunday (I didn’t know that) but it was a special day of some description so all the shops were open in the afternoon. Its too early for the Christmas Markets but there were plenty of sausages and Gluhwein stalls on the streets all the same. Loads of the cafes had tables on the street – personally I think its too cold in Northern Europe in November for that but we ate outside all the same and it seemed a popular choice. We took some photos but they will have to wait until I get home to my own computer and a faster net connection!

Today we’ve been into the local place, Morfelden, which is tiny but has nice cafes and so on. I even managed to sniff out the wool shop and couldn’t resist buying a couple of balls of wool! I’ll knit something to remind me of my visit here I think, not sure what though.

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