London PHP Conference

Its all sorted and we’re booked onto the London PHP Conference in February. Its a bit of a geeky thing to do as a couple I suppose but I’m really looking forward to it. There are some speakers that I will be positively star-struck to see in the flesh (Cal Evans and Rasmus Lerdorf) and some people that I’m really looking forward to meeting in person that I have had contact with online.

Due to the exciting way that train fares work here in the UK, its much cheaper to travel to London on Thursday evening1, stay both Thursday and Friday night in a hotel in central London and then travel back on Saturday afternoon. To be fair the journey back is cross-country and takes 4 hours but I upgraded the tickets to first-class for £3 and we won’t be changing trains so I’m sure it will be fine.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the talks and meeting the people at the conference, I’ve never been to anything like it before and I can’t wait! Also two nights in central London with Kevin can’t be a bad thing :)

1 To put this in perspective, its costing us £9.50 to travel on Thursday night and the walk-on Single Fare is £273. It really pays to be organised.

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