Mortgage Muddles

I’d be the first to admit that our path along the house-buying road (see all house posts if you missed earlier episodes) hasn’t been straightforward. So far we’ve had:

  • Three offers accepted on different houses
  • Two different solicitors
  • Two different estate agents
  • One mortgage arranged, then the amount reduced, then put back to the original amount again
  • Another mortgage arranged to cover the shortfall between the original mortgage and the house we’re now buying.

Its complicated and I admit that. However the bank have surpassed themselves over the last week or so by sending us out paperwork for one mortgage with the wrong amount on it, one with the wrong property address, a duplicate of one of the above, and finally copying the wrong solicitor on the corrected version of the paperwork! I’m confident that they now have it under control and I’m more amused than worried, but its another twist in the road.

In other news, the estate agents tell me the survey was done last Friday (I discovered you can just ring them and ask and they will tell you these things) so we’re giving them a chance to type it up before I start stalking them for a copy of it … I’ll keep you posted.

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