One Pair of Fingerless Mitts

Just finished – and just in time as we’ve had snow here the last few days – my latest project! I knitted “fetching” from, here they are:

(and yes, one little finger is always a bit crooked. The other one matched it until it got hit by a high-speed netball a few years ago)

I’m so proud of these little gloves, they were knitted on four needles – and with cables too!! The tension is a bit tight on the bottom of the first one that I did, I hadn’t knitted on four needles before and it was really slippery wool and I was struggling. Its Debbie Bliss Cashhmerino Aran and well worth the expense, only needed one ball so I’ve one left to make something else … suggestions please!

I should mention that my knitting had the right side on the inside of the tube when I knitted on the four needles. Apparently its supposed to come out on the outside so you can see what’s happening before you finish the item and can turn it the right way out but I couldn’t work that out without poking my eyes out with some of the needles at the same time :) Thanks to my knitting group friends for telling me to knit whatever way worked and especially thanks to mum for picking up and knitting the thumbs for me :)

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