Painting Platforms

There’s lots to do in the house now – the list of jobs runs is frightening and has everything from “fix kitchen drawer” to “rewire house” on it. Redecorating is a long way down the list but I’ve bought beautiful red curtains for the front room … and the existing terracotta paint now looks ridiculous so something needs to be done.

I can sort out a tin of paint and a brush but our ceilings are so high that to reach them, I have to stand on the top step of the step ladder. The step ladder is of average height but I, at 5’11”, am not and I still can’t reach – this is one tall ceiling. So also on the list is finding something safe to stand on and paint/paper the house from. Not sure if we’re going to go with a platform or another step ladder plus plank, but we need something.

4 thoughts on “Painting Platforms

  1. Are you watching me? Your comment was here before I even clicked through to check it had published OK :)

    For painting most things a long roller is fine but I also need to do the edges at the full height, and there’s an ornamental cornice up there as well. And the first job is prepping the walls to get rid of the wallpaper leftovers that the last occupants painted over… can’t do that on a broom handle I’m afraid!

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