Tinsel Tree

Christmas really is upon us – well, it isn’t but I’m out every night this week and I need to be delivering presents by the end of it. So today sees everything (apart from the home baked gifts) complete and wrapped and ready to go.

This year we have our own christmas tree for the first time – it looks amazing and I love it!! Here it is to get you in the mood:

3 thoughts on “Tinsel Tree

  1. I love it. :) Looks all christmassy… Still got all my wrapping to do :( booo!!

    Ps. You’re missing a top of the tree decoration?

  2. Mike: hehe, I’ve seen a few of those sites this year :)

    Saj: I’ve got to get stuff posted and delivered so the early finish is necessary and not because I’m organised. Well spotted on the lack of tree-topper – I have good intentions of making a fairy but I’m not exactly sure when I’ll find time …

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