Twitter, meet Facebook. Facebook, Twitter

Having recently embraced the social networking revolution, or not, I have recently been getting exasperated by how out-of-date my status gets when I can’t be bothered to update it. And how annoying that there are statuses on both Facebook and Twitter which are both out of date.

I stumbled across the instructions at and used these so that when I update facebook, the same status appears as a tweet1 on twitter!

If you use both applications then I’d recommend giving this a try. It uses twitterfeed as a go-between to get your RSS feed of statuses out of Facebook and in to Twitter. If you give it a try, let me know how you get on?

1 I am assured that “a tweet” is the singlar label for an entry on twitter. And furthermore that a person posting these entries can be said to be “tweeting”. So now you know!

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