Why PHP isn’t so bad

I love PHP. I’ve worked with a fair number of languages and I have to say that I absolutely love PHP. I love its cleanliness, its elegance, and its fabulours online documentation and community support.

I come across a lot of people in various walks of life who rubbish the language because of various perceived (usually historical) weaknesses. So when I saw this article from DevZone I felt I had to post and say how much I agree with it. I also think that the PHP community might benefit from a little more self-promotion once in a while … but it seems that everyone is rather too busy “solving the web problem” (the original aim of PHP) to worry about little things like that :)

One thought on “Why PHP isn’t so bad

  1. PHP has certainly improved and changed a bit in the time I’ve been using it. It remains my language of choice for web development.

    Problems I’ve had with PHP nearly always boil down to differences between PHP versions. The online documentation is great, but not always relevant to the site I’m working on.

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