Wouldn’t It Be Cool If …

As a geek, I sometimes create websites for other people or organisations who don’t have the technical skills to create them themselves. Tonight I’m meeting with the Netball Club Committee (well they are meeting and I am gatecrashing) to discuss whether a website would be useful for them.

The thing is, for a non-technical person, it seems that anything is possible on the internet, so some very interesting conversations will result. These are usually started with the line “Wouldn’t it be cool if …” and end with things ranging from “the website could phone you and tell you someone replied to your forum post” to “we had a dancing reindeer all over the clean and stylish site you just redesigned … as its Christmas”. [1]

I’ll let you know what requests I get hit with tonight, I’m hoping they’ll think that news and events will be enough to be going on with but we shall see!

1 I ignored the first and ended up giving in to the second request.

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