Crochet Tutorial: Granny Square Round 2

Here’s the last in the crochet tutorial series, showing how to fit a second round of granny square onto the existing “granny’s daughter” that we made previously. I’ll have to take some photos of stuff I’ve done with this pattern to give you some ideas of what can actually be made from this very simple pattern piece. Anyway, enough waffle, here’s the video:

If you get this far – definitely let me know :)

7 thoughts on “Crochet Tutorial: Granny Square Round 2

  1. Georgia: I’m borrowing a mac and editing with imovie – you can add sound clips or record the voiceover in there, then edit the soundtrack independently of the video track. I’m completely new to this type of thing but its been really easy to get into

    • I have been crocheting for years but had forgotten how tomakr the squares, so thank you very much you have solved my problems.

    • Lorna – Thank you so much! have been longing to make granny squares for ages and haven’t managed with step-by-step photos (plus I didn’t realise the difference between US and UK terminology – confusing!). I’m nearly there thanks to your videos! They’re great :-)

  2. Hi I am a very new novice to chrochet (and a Male) Very impressed with your instruction for granny square is there any further lessons after lesson 4 part 2 Thanks Derek

  3. Derek: I didn’t make any further crochet videos after the set for the granny square – there are a great many things you can make with them though :)

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