A Turtle and a Giant Baby Blanket

I’ve just finished another slowpoke, like one I made earlier, and this one is at least as cute!

slow poke in the sun slow poke

I realised after finishing this one that they original pattern has them with their heads looking sideways, maybe this is why mine always look a bit strange!! This one also doesn’t have a tail … when I came to assemble him, I hadn’t made one and somehow it just never happened.

My next project is a square (or maybe more than one, who knows?) for the Oxfam Baby Blanket campaign. The plan is for loads of squares to be knitted and joined together into one large blanket which they display places to campaign on the state of maternal mortality in the world. Then they’ll turn the squares into lots of baby blankets to be sent to places where they will be useful. I think its a great cause, this is how I’m doing so far:

charity square start

If anyone else is knitting for this then add a comment!

3 thoughts on “A Turtle and a Giant Baby Blanket

  1. Awww….That is really cute. Your stuff just gets better and better :)

    Although I have visions of you in a rocking chair in 60 years time knitting away embarrassing clothes for all you grandkids :)

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