A Wedding Weekend

We spent the weekend at the wedding of a friend of ours, where Kevin was the best man. Here’s the two boys together before the ceremony itself:

Groom and Best Man

The weather forecast was rather bad and although we didn’t get weather as bad as we might have, it did rain on the post-ceremony photographs which was a shame! The day was great all round, the happy couple were infectiously happy and everyone else was dressed up and being happy along with them. There are more photos on my flickr account – although in a rather wonderful testament to what a good time I had last night, I don’t have any photos taken later than the cutting of the cake. The evening event was a ceilidh and I literally danced the night away, not realising Kevin wasn’t taking any photos either, so hopefully someone else did!

Congratulations to Andrew and Rachel, here’s wishing them a long and happy marriage.

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