Daisy Unlocked on Mario Kart

I am a big fan of pretty much anything Nintendo, particularly Zelda and Mario Kart. I loved mario kart doubledash and this was the first driving game I really got into (I still can’t do technical driving games, only kiddy ones). So when Mario Kart was launched for Wii, we got it on launch day.

When we first got the game, it seemed like I couldn’t play as my favourite character from the other Nintendo games, Princess Daisy. I grumbled a bit and played as peach instead, similar character but pink dress instead of yellow dress. It is actually way more than that of course – Peach is pink and blonde and a bit mainstream. Daisy is sassy and usually unsuitably dressed, I love her :) I looked round for reviews and discovered I could unlock Daisy – she’s in the Special Cup on 150cc.

Well, I’m not a brilliant gamer, but I really really wanted Daisy and off I went, time trialling each course to get myself up to speed, and then working through unlocking all the tracks on 50cc, 100cc, 150cc … along I went, taking more and more preparation and attempts each time, until finally I had the cup I needed. Except, its not that simple. You have to win that grand prix to get it, whereas you only need to be placed (1st, 2nd or 3rd) to unlock the next race. Well that was about 8 weeks ago.

I was coming 2nd in the cup pretty consistently but just couldn’t nail that top spot. I time trialled, tried to sort out manual sliding, played against the ghost data, and tried the cup over and over thinking that if I was lucky I’d do it, to the point where I’d pretty much stopped playing completely. And then, today, after a long sleep last night and Sunday Lunch in the pub, we had a quick game on Mario Kart and I beat Kevin on all 4 tracks … so I gave that special cup another shot – and won it!! So now, I finally have Daisy and shouting “come on Daisy” at the TV works so much better when it really is Daisy in the car :)

3 thoughts on “Daisy Unlocked on Mario Kart

  1. Gratz on unlocking Daisy! Yeah I do know you prolly don’t have a clue on who I am but with Stefan working @ home I do hear the occasional odds and ends concerning ibuildings employees and you not being able to unlock Daisy was one of them! So Stefan and I are both doing a happy dance for you *grin*

    And now excuse me, cause I’d like to unlock Daisy to and I suck at Mario Kart. (ask Stefan..I do)

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