DPC Day 1

Well, its a misleading title because the day is only half over but the Dutch PHP Conference 2008 is well and truly underway! Today I’ve been in the Zend Framework tutorial given by Matthew Weir O’Phinney, which is a full-day session. Its been excellent – with some concepts, some examples, and now a real working application to take a look around and learn from. I’ve had to work with ZF a little bit lately and I wish I’d been able to have this tutorial before I did that!

I’ve been able to catch up with a lot of people since arriving late last night and making the mistake of not going to bed until late because I wasn’t tired (still on UK time) and then having to get up early today! Tonight we have an Ibuildings employees event which will be great, I’m excited to put faces to names for all my colleagues – the downside of the telecommute is that I mostly know people on Skype or IRC and not in real life. Later on there is a pre-conference social as well (from 8pm) – which is why my day is only half done :)

Looking forward to tomorrow, when there will be a phpwomen stand upstairs outside the main hall, we’ll be giving out shirts (they’re white this year) so if you want one then come and get it! Tomorrow at 2pm I’m giving my talk “PHP Deployment with Subversion” which looks like it will be well attended. Oh and its Worldwide Knit In Public Day as well so I’ll be attempting to fit that in as well!

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