First Manchester Girl Geek Dinner

Last night I attended the first Manchester Girl Geek Dinner. I am very excited about the Girl Geek Dinner events arriving in the north, there’s a lot of activity up here and I’m already involved in other local events such as GeekUp and BarCamp.

I’m based in Leeds, so it was about an hours drive over to Manchester. Thanks to the wonderful world of satellite navigation, I found the venue with no problems. The evening started with some mingling and drinks, and then we were all invited to take seats and help ourselves to the buffet, which was excellent. After the meal we had a variety of talks which were actually really good, I hadn’t been thinking of the talks as the highlight but they certainly were!

During the course of the drinks, the meal, and a few minutes after the talks (although it was a very late finish, 10pm or so, I didn’t leave until half past and then had to drive back to Leeds), I was able to meet and speak with an amazing selection of women of various ages, professions and backgrounds and had some interesting and valuable conversations.

Its early days for this version of this event and the plan is for it to be quarterly, I am looking forward to the next installment.

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