I saw this article on linuxchix about the new register of women speakers that has been set up by Brenda Wallace of linuxchix. The site is called geekspeakr and although it claims to be “very alpha” they are currently registering female speakers. I don’t have a lot of speaking experience but it looks interesting and I figure it takes all sorts, so I’m registered … are you?

5 thoughts on “GeekSpeakr

  1. LinuxJedi: For once I think I’ll be ignoring your advice!

    Stephanie: Thanks for dropping by, and what a great profile you have there. I am sure that by having everyone contribute this will grow to be a great resource

  2. Similar to what LinuxJedi suggested – I was given some advice that whenever I’m intimidated by anybody, then imagine them sitting on the toilet.

    It makes me smile anway, which is supposedly a key to giving a friendly and approachable feeling to your audience.

    (3/4am for you in GMT, 3pm for me in NZ).

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