Laceweight Purple Mohair

I am a habitual chunky-yarn knitter. I will go all the way down to double knit weight, but beyond that I find life is too short to bother :) The upshot of this is that my projects get very big very quickly. I have a few trips coming up where I have long flights, and basically with an 18 hour travel time, I can knit about one hand-lugged-sized quantity of wool!! So I’ve been looking for something more portable to take as my project.

I’ve got this laceweight mohair from and its absolutely gorgeous. The pattern calls for Rohan Kidsilk Haze, which I know is lovely but it really is quite pricey.

laceweight mohair laceweight mohair - in a ball

One of the skeins (I have three!) was wound into a ball by friends when I took it to the knitting group, its 400 yards per skein so I can’t imagine I’m going to manage to crochet all that while I’m away.

The pattern is “Beaded Cobweb Wrap” from Erica Knight’s Essential Crochet, uses a 6mm hook so the pattern is more space than yarn anyway, and it looks quite easy once you’ve done the cast on – its crocheted longways, so there’s a mad long chain that you have to hook into to start with, something I always struggle with. I’ve been assured it’ll look like chewed string until I block it and that I should just carry on regardless – I’ll let you know how I get on :)

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