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I was wildly excited a few weeks ago to receive an email inviting me to be one of the contributors to this year’s PHP Advent. Actually the biggest kick was seeing my name in a list of PHP luminaries! The article was published today, you can find it at – its a short overview of various types of web services around with some pros and cons about when each is useful. To be included in the PHP Advent project has been huge fun, in fact I’m so delighted that I’ve broken one of my usual rules and blogged twice in one day :)

3 thoughts on “PHP Advent Article Published

  1. Hey, you forgot to talk about Wddx in your article.
    While WDDX is in between XML-RPC and SOAP, it’s probably closer to JSON. It allows serializing of values nicely in PHP, without breaking anything.

    Yes, I know, Wddx is mainly made for coldfusion, but it’s just a standard. OpenWddx says you can use Wddx without problems, and I personally like it better than XML-RPC and SOAP when it comes to communications between a webserver and a clientside application.

  2. MagicalTux: I didn’t “forget” to talk about wddx – I really haven’t heard of it! I’ll be looking it up now though …

    Chris: Thanks – and thanks for including me :)

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