Speaking at Dutch PHP Conference

A quick announcement: I’m speaking at the Dutch PHP Conference this year, my talk is entitled “PHP Deployment with Subversion”. The conference is in Amsterdam, you can find out more on its website http://phpconference.nl, and it takes place on June 14th. It’ll be my first big speaking engagement, and I’m also really looking forward to meeting a lot of Dutch friends there.

6 thoughts on “Speaking at Dutch PHP Conference

  1. Cool to see you’re speaking. You’re in the same time slot as the symfony talk, and since I already know symfony, I might join you (unless I need to assist Fabien, but I don’t think so).

    I will not be talking during the conference this year (did that last year), but I’ll be co-hosting the symfony tutorial with Fabien which I’m quite excited about. Looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. stefan: looking forward to seeing you too – any speaking tips gratefully received as I’m wondering now what I’ve got myself into!

    Rob: thanks for the moral support :)

  3. Best tip I can give is: just chill out.

    You’ll be a bit nervous anyway, but that’s normal. That nervous feeling will disappear the minute you start your presentation.

    Last year in my presentation, I switched between my regular presentation and the browser, console and Zend Studio to show some actual examples. This method was received well. It’s up to you of course to see if that fits what you want to tell :)

  4. Great news!

    I’ve never spoken at a conference, so there’s little advice I can give, but from the conferences I’ve been to, some of the most interesting talks have been where people just get up there and show you how they do it.

  5. stefan, dotjay: I’m very tempted to attempt some kind of a demo but that’s going to take a lot of practice and there’s an awful lot that could go wrong! Between you though I think you’ve convinced me I should try it out and have screenshots as a minimum.

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