Blurb Book of Peru Holiday Photos

In January, Kevin and I went to Peru for a few weeks – to visit our friend Cally, and we did some touring while we were there. Between the two of us, we took almost 3,000 photos. Which is way too many to make granny sit through when we got home. I tried showing people the photos I put on flickr, but they make little sense since Kevin has (at least) half the good ones in his flickr stream. So instead, got a blurb book of our holiday photos – to easily show people, and to keep.

Blurb Book

Apart from a few that came out darker than we expected, and the book taking WEEKS to arrive, its absolutely ace! Some of the photos look amazing in print – even more so than they do on the screen. We rarely have hard copies of any of our photos so this is quite a treat for us as well, and the book is really nice quality for us to have on our bookshelves.

Inside the Book DSCF4982

Doing it this way was much less labour intensive than getting them printed and then scrapbooking them up or something – OK potentially this was less fun but at least its actually done and not sat on my to-do list :) We did all the layout ourselves, combined both our flickr sets (after we’d both gone through and edited and captioned the lot anyway), and just pressed the button. A few weeks later, the finished book arrived – yay!

8 thoughts on “Blurb Book of Peru Holiday Photos

  1. Oh, yeah the line about having it on the todo list to scrapbook relates to the many albums I have planned to do this year, but I fear I will never have time. I think I should relieve some guilt and do a couple of them this way. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • jaime: It takes away some of the crafting fun, but I’m not sure exactly when I’d have found time for that anyway :) If you do give it a try, let me know how you get on?

  2. I know what you mean, I still have that todolist item for a vacation I did to italy in 2000. Have the prints and the book, but never got around to actually putting it together. After that, I just went with Flickr.

    Can you say something about total cost for a book this size/quality, and how long it took you to put it together?

  3. Ivo: The cost was approx 30 GBP and we had around 100 photos in it. I didn’t put it together but I’d estimate the time at about one working day, importing two flickr streams and then laying out and captioning it all

    Cally: That would be *such* a cool idea – but they don’t ship to Peru (we wanted to ship you a copy of the book)

  4. caity: Missing you lots as well little sister – diary is really full though so let me know your home dates as soon as you can and I’ll work something out!

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