Cobweb Wrap

After around 15 months of ongoing work, I’ve finally finished my cobweb wrap which I initially started (original blog post here, complete with links to yarn sources) to make a good travel project. Well it was certainly that – small and lightweight, I took it on three transatlantic trips all told and am now so attached to it that I’m not sure when I’ll wear it!

For once I (loosely) followed a pattern to make something, which is pretty unusual for me. Another unusual feature of this project is that it is actually for me, I mostly make things for other people, not sure why! The pattern is the “Beaded Cobweb Wrap” from Erika Knight’s Essential Crochet, I have a few of her books and love them. This was a brilliant project, it was tiny to pack and with a 6mm hook it grew despite having rows as long as I am tall! Here’s a couple of pictures of the finished product (thanks Kevin for photographing me):

And to show off the beads:

3 thoughts on “Cobweb Wrap

  1. That’s really really lovely! I hope I can get somewhere near that good someday.

    I’ve been carrying around a crochet hook, some cotton based yarn, and The Happy Hooker just waiting for spare time to learn to crochet. I also have two knitting projects in my bag :-)

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