Curious Combination of Craft and Code

I’m a software developer, so I like to make things. The fact that some of these things involve yarn, fabric, or wood rather than code doesn’t make any difference to how I feel about building things. For the most part my programmer friends think I’m strange for making woollen things, and my craft friends think I’m strange for working with computers!

Since spending more time online and getting to “meet” (in a virtual sense) more people, both crafters and coders, its becoming clear that I’m not alone on this one. First I saw a this thread about crafts on the phpwomen forum and then I also noticed that on ravelry (a social network for knitters. Yes, really) there’s a group for PHP knitters.

Are you a geek who also makes non-code things? Let me know :)

4 thoughts on “Curious Combination of Craft and Code

  1. I’m a petrolhead and a geek, and am building a car at the moment (in case you didn’t already know :) )

    It’s quite handy to have these distinct skills – where I might need to ask advice from the car people about building cars, I can give them advice about computery stuff, and my geek friends advice about cars, so it all works out nicely.

  2. vince: I did know about the car, didn’t realise you were so nearly done though!

    eli: I had no idea about your carpentry, I love wood and you have some beautiful stuff there.

    How cool that we have these other practical hobbies :)

  3. I’m a crafty person as well as a web geek. I have City & Guilds qualifications in Embroidery, and Patchwork and Quilting. I also started but didn’t quite finish, C&G in Handknitting.

    I don’t have time to do much of the above, but last winter I made 4 pairs of ‘arm socks’ (fingerless gloves). I belong to a local quilt group and occasionally take part in group quilts.


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