Customising Screen-Profile Files

I wrote a while ago about the new version of screen in Ubuntu Jaunty. Screen is an application which lets you run lots of tabs inside one terminal window, then disconnect from screen and reconnect again later. You can turn on and off a whole bunch of notifications which appear inside screen, and I also added the pink tabs I used with older versions of screen.

The tabs line is the one in the profile file which starts “caption always”.

caption always "%{wk}%H%{Bk}|%{Mk}%?%-Lw%?%{km}[%n*%f %t]%?(%u)%?%{mk}%?%+Lw%? %=%{Bk}"

I also altered the “hardstatus string” line, which holds lots of placeholders, to remove the clock – I run screen on my laptop inside KDE mostly, so I already know what time it is. Annoyingly this isn’t customisable via the menus but I edited my profile file to get rid of it – here’s the diff

< hardstatus string '%99`%{= kw} %100`%112`%= %102`%101`%114`%115`%108`%113`%119`%117`%118`%116`%106`%104`%103`%105`%107`%Y-%m-%d %0c:%s'
> hardstatus string '%99`%{= kw} %100`%112`%= %102`%101`%114`%115`%108`%113`%119`%117`%118`%116`%106`%104`%103`%105`%107`'

The only thing annoying me now is that screen seems to constantly redraw itself, so Konsole thinks there is activity in that screen, when there isn’t. Suggestions on stopping this or more ways you can customise your screen file are gratefully received – just add a comment!

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