DPC09: Looking forward to the Dutch PHP Conference

This time next week I’ll be full of new ideas and enthusiasm as the Dutch PHP Conference 2009 will have ended. Last year was the first time I attended the event and I have memories of a great crowd and some fabulous sessions, also my first experience speaking at a conference (yes really, a year ago!). This year it looks like the event will be better than ever with an extra day and a schedule absolutely rammed with fabulous content. And best of all, I work for Ibuildings, so I get to attend (I’m not speaking this time around).

Conferences are a great opportunity to meet some like-minded people, find a peer group to drink socialise with, and of course get to hear all the sessions that are around and chat to the speakers. Amsterdam is a great place to do this, its well connected and there are speakers and attendees from right across Europe and beyond. Since I know the PHP community quite well, I’m looking forward to getting to spend time with this cool crowd – and of course all my developer colleagues will be there as well so a party spirit is guaranteed :)

There’s a few other things going on around the main conference – with social events and add-ons like the Oracle Installfest. I hear there are still tickets remaining so if you’re feeling a bit left out – come and join us! If you’re there, do stop and say hi to me – I know more people this year than I did last but its always nice to meet new faces too. Next stop, Amsterdam!

2 thoughts on “DPC09: Looking forward to the Dutch PHP Conference

  1. Your missing a t from the http:// in the link to the conference webby.

    I am sure you will have a great time. Cya at phpnw in July.

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